Iron Hans is character in The Ever Afters book by Shelby Bach. He is a villain that used to work with the Snow Queen. Most people think he is evil and still working with the Snow Queen. He is a very strong an powerful villain.

Appearance Edit

He is covered in iron armer he carries an double sided axe.

Personality Edit

Most people think he is cruel and vicious. But when Iron Hans found Chase and Rory in book 2 he let them live in his home to cover for the storm. He acually nice to them when they were in this home even though he was put under an oath.

Weapons of Choice Edit

Axe- A double headed axe that was mentioned by Hasel in Book1 and by Chase in book 2

Relationships Edit

Rory Landon- (possible friend) Iron Hans found Rory and Chase in a storm and was forced to take them to his home. He was by choice a little nice to them when they were in his home.

Chase Turnleaf- (possible friend) Iron Hans found Chase when he was flying and knocked him out but he still was a little nice to him and told him some things about himself. In book 4 Iron Hans help Chase and the Fey take out the ice griffins that came to attack the Unseely Court (he took out half the flock).

Snow Queen- ( use to be boss) Iron Hans used to be the Snow Queens assassin and spy.

Trivia Edit

  • He is hidden in a forest and nobody has found him except Rory and Chase