The Snow Queen is the primary antagonist of The Ever Afters series. She was a member of the second Triumvirate that consisted of herself, Mildred (The Director) and Wolgang Sebastian Brauhm. Her real name is Solange de Chateies. She is Half sister to Rapunzel on her Father's side, her mother was a French noblewoman who was believed to have been killed in the French Revolution. Her father fled and started a new family with Rapunzel's mother.

Solange later attends EAS (Ever After School) and meets Mildred and Sebastian, forming the second triumvirate. Solange later steals Rapunzel from her father's house, grooming her to be the next Rapunzel. Two weeks later, Mildred's tale started and Sebastian was turned to stone by the sorceress Arica in a mission to capture the Pounce Pot. Solange and Rapunzel grew up in the Avalon countryside, moving from tower to tower to throw off the trail. Shortly after Rapunzel turned came of age, her Tale started. Solange played the witch in her tale, cutting her throat with shears and placing her in the path of the former Rapunzel, who gives her the golden apple to save her life and binding her to the Canon. Triumphant, Solange greets her sister, confidant that they would now be able to be together forever, her plan backfires, and Rapunzel exposes her to the Canon. They remove Solange from the Canon, but she retained her immortality even without the golden apple.

Appearance Edit

The Snow Queen has blond hair that is a little curly. She has skin as white as snow and a ice crown. She has mint colored eyes as shown in Book 4. She usually wears a white and blue gown. In her prison she sits on a crystal thorn.